Cerberus - Cybersecurity


Safely empower your digital world
Cybersecurity stands as the safeguard protecting organization’s reputation, online presence, privacy and data.
Athena’s Cerberus offerings encompasses the processes, technologies, and practices to protect programs, network and data from unauthorized data breaches, cyber attacks and intrusions. Athena’s industry expertise resulted in chalking up a wide range of strategies including protocols to response, threat detection and preventive measures. This ensures availability, integrity, and confidentiality of data.
Having proper cybersecurity posture and protocols in place results in reduced costs, increased customer loyalty, enhanced reuptation, improved risk management and stakeholder satisfaction.

How Cerberus Works!

Surface Enumeration

Assess and identify weak spots and vulnerable area within eco-system


Enable Protection and Monitoring by setting up right processes, policies and controls to prevent different types of cyber attacks


Continuous Security, regulatory and compliance, threat intelligence, and security architecture

Cereberus’s 4 layered strategy to cybersecurity


Security across devices. IPS / IDS, end-point protection, device control, email security


Clear and concise security policies that outline behavior & expectations. NGAV & EDR policies to match risks, patch vulnerabilities


Scalable security systems – ZTNA, SIEM, PAM, SOAR and SASE


Dark web monitoring, attack surface obfuscation, Re-evaluation of security posture and Audits

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