Advanced Cognitive Testing
At Athena, we pride ourselves on revolutionizing the method of software testing. Current testing methods often fall short in detecting and identifying complex vulnerabilities and issues. By utilizing the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing, MindSight can identify bottlenecks, uncover hidden bugs and enhance user experience.

How Mindsight enhances your user experience!


Break the monotony – assess and draw roadmap of change


Refine non-functional and functional testing to embed intelligence Develop persona-based testing and adapt user models continuously


Enhance and ensure predictable quality on every release

Key Features

AI powered testing

MindSight uses AI to simulate human behaviour to comprehensively evaluate functionality across multiple scenarios to ensure proper test coverage.

Automated test generation

Automated test cases are generated based on real life patterns to minimize effort and maximize efficiency. MindSight generates tests leveraging machine learning algorithms.

Intelligent bug detection

MindSight’s sophisticated logic analyses code structures, user interaction points and execution paths to identify hard to find bugs enabling smooth deployment and timely resolution.

Natural conversation

MindSight’s NLP capabilities enable intuitive interface with software systems resulting in seamless testing and user feedback integrations.

Experience the next generation of software testing with advanced cognitive algorithms.