ISMS 27001:2013


Athena regards information, as a highly valuable asset. By outlining information security policy, the company aims to preserve the following attributes related to the information processing system of the organization.



Keeping information in the right hands.


Maintaining complete, accurate and useable information.


Making information and systems available for use for authorized users when required


Being able to establish accountability for user action

Information Security Policy

The Information Security Policy of Athena is to ensure that:
  • Confidentiality of information is assured
  • Information is made available only to authorized users as and when required
  • Information is protected against unauthorized access
  • Information is protected from various security threats whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental
  • Risks associated with information assets are periodically assessed in line with the Organization’s Business Goals. Also, all risks above the company’s acceptable level are appropriately treated to achieve continual improvement.
  • Statutory, Regulatory and Legislative requirements with respect to information security are complied with.
Information Security is the responsibility of Senior Management, Business Managers, System Owners, IT Personnel and all employees of Athena and the Information Security Management Committee (ISMC) is committed to ensure the same at all times