Synergy Wound Technology, Inc

Matthew Dedek - Co-founder and CTO
I am the technical lead and a co-founder of InteliWound. Our software product makes high quality wound care widely available in the fragmented industry of home health care. Our web and mobile apps provide automation and documentation management to wound care professionals, allowing them to efficiently provide care to a large number of patients across large geographic areas. Creating InteliWound from nothing was a large effort due to our ambitious scope, complex requirements, and regulatory demands. Over my six years working on InteliWound, I have hired several independent contractors and a few development organizations for our development projects. In our tumultuous startup years, and depending on our funding situation, my technical involvement ranged from managing contractors to being the sole developer on the project. I inherited and worked with code written by each of our contractors, so I am intimately familiar with the application on all levels and can speak to the performance of a development team. Unfortunately, I had been almost universally disappointed by the quality of work at a programming level when I wore my developer hat. Every time a project ended and I needed to extend the application, I found myself doing weeks of cleanup before the code was in a workable state. So when we decided it was time to re-write the mobile application with Athena, I was concerned that I would soon again inherit more spaghetti code to fix. To my absolute delight, this has not been the case. Athena has a mature and pragmatic development model including competent developers, UI, QA, scrum masters, and project managers so the software is developed holistically. Athena takes care to provide thoughtful and accurate estimates and they rarely miss a deadline. When working with Athena compared to the other independent contractors and development groups I have hired, I spend less time finding and documenting bugs, I worry less about releasing a bug to my users, and I have less stress due to cost overruns and missed timelines. I highly recommend their work, and I believe that if you put the time into conveying a clear product vision to this team, they will deliver.”

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