Adrian Joss - IT Project Manager
For the past six years, we have had the pleasure of working with Athena, a supplier specializing in data and application integration through technologies Azure cloud, ADF, SSIS, LogicApps and API’s to our data warehouse and MDM systems. They have also adeptly handled several API projects for other systems within our operation. One of Athena’s most commendable qualities is their unwavering readiness to tackle projects of any size, demonstrating a rare dedication that sets them apart in a competitive field. Their team’s responsiveness to changes and queries is exemplary, ensuring that project timelines are met with efficiency and ease. Athena’s contributions have been integral to the seamless operation and continuous improvement of our data management systems. Their expertise and proactive approach have not only enhanced our operational capabilities but have also ensured that we remain ahead in leveraging technology to serve our needs better. We value Athena’s partnership greatly and look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration for many years to come.

Athena Global Technologies Limited is a global provider of software application development, testing and digital transformation solutions and services to enterprises.